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Grey Goose Essences Strawberry Lemongrass Vodka Spritz 250ml

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Product Description

Premixed Ready To Drink Vodka Cocktail

GREY GOOSE Essences Vodka Spritz Strawberry & Lemongrass is made with GREY GOOSE vodka infused with real fruit and botanical essences. Citrusy lemongrass notes brighten the strawberry flavours for a light, refreshing drink that's conveniently served as a canned cocktail to be enjoyed anywhere.
Creating a naturally tasteful vodka means making it from scratch. That’s why GREY GOOSE controls every part of the production process, from crop to cork. Every aspect of GREY GOOSE is focused on crafting a vodka of unparalleled quality. It begins with the selection of the very best ingredients from France. We only use two finest French ingredients: single-origin Picardie wheat and water from a natural limestone well. These ingredients go through an exclusive process designed and controlled by the extraordinary skills and commitment of the Cellar Master, Francois Thibault. The inside of every bottle is washed once with GREY GOOSE vodka, so it’s the only liquid ever touching the bottle. Even the cork is macerated in GREY GOOSE before it closes the bottle. From start to finish, the natural brilliance of GREY GOOSE shines through.

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